A quick look at my projects and teaching.

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Current Course

  • Technical Editing

    A course covering theory and principles of editing through intensive applied practice. The course is offered in an online setting to engage students in fully remote work and collaboration.

Recent Work

Greatest Hits

  • The Lo-Fi Manifesto

    Probably my most cited work. I’m amazed at the continued amount of blogging on this piece and the email I still get about it, and I’m revising it for the 25th Anniversary Issue of Kairos.

  • How to Design and Write Web Pages Today

    My first book, a theoretical and applied treatment of web writing and design at the source level. The title was chosen by the publisher; it’s not my favorite. Currently under contract for a revised & expanded edition (ms due July 2016).

Contact Me

My contact information is all over the top of the page. You’re welcome to use it. I prefer Twitter @-messages to email, and email to the phone. All three make it to some device or another more or less instantaneously. So don’t be a stranger.